June 5, 2022

Space Resources

I am an active member of my professional society “The society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration (SME)”. I am also a part of the SME’s research committee where we identify and outline the research goals and needs of mining industry for short and long terms. Space resources was one of the initiatives that was discussed in our meeting in Salk Lake City in February 2022. The outcome was that I will chair a session on “Space Resources: Mining and Processing” in our 2023 annual conference in Denver, Co.

Going to space is another path to address the needs for natural resources for the future generations. Space Mining and Processing have recently gained lots of interests specifically from government agencies and research facilities. The metals and minerals in asteroids, comets and other planets are considered to be the sources of materials for future. The current technology to do space mining and processing is underdeveloped and the cost of such an operation is extremely high.

What do you think about Space Mining? The topic looks fantasy, doesn’t it? I love it though!

Please prepare a cup of coffee, look at the sky while drinking it and think about space mining for a moment. Do you think it is going to happen in our lifetime? Please leave your comments here.

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