June 8, 2022

The Importance of Recycling

Recycling is one of my favorite topics. It is another path to sustaining our natural resources for future generations. Recycling has many benefits including:

  • Conserves raw materials and resources
  • Creates jobs and economic benefits
  • Reduces wastes going to landfills
  • Minimizes air, water, and soil pollution
  • Saves money and energy
Image Credit and Copyright: City of Phoenix

Why recycling is important?

The answer is simple: we need to sustain our natural resources for future. This does not mean we should not consume raw materials but it means we should not create wastes and dump them behind. We should use our resources mindfully.

November 15 is named the American Recycle Day. As of 2019, the rate of recycling in the US reached 32% which is much higher than the 7% rate in 1960. Moreover, there are currently around 681,000 jobs with a wage of ~$38 billion related to the recycling industry (Source: EPA)

What do you think? Are we, as a society, moving to the right direction with proper speed? Please leave a comment!

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