June 1, 2022

Children for Sustainable Mining

This is Dorsa, my daughter, when she was 7 years old in late 2017. As my first-ever experience in video production, I prepared this short video (3 minutes) with the help of a few of my international friends for a competition called Move Mining Next Gen organized by The Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME). The competition is for K-12 kids to explore the importance of minerals and metals in our daily life. Our video won the top prize in the “Best in K-5” category.

In this Video, Dorsa, Sebastian, Amir, Michelle, Zara, and Miguel from four different countries in four continents talk about why sustainable mining and minerals are essential parts of our lives.

When my daughter decided to participate in this competition, two concepts came to my mind as the foundation for this video: first, sustainability and second, internationalization.

I believe it would be vital for human being to focus on developing a sustainable life style that help preserve our natural resources for future generations. We need to teach and educate our children about this and prepare them to be proactive. Internationalization is also important since we need to establish cumulative efforts across all nations to be able to accomplish this huge task. Our children should learn to work together and build a better future.

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